Bringing accessible medicinal cannabis to Australian patients

At Blue Mountain Global, we are committed to bringing affordable medicinal cannabis to patients that need it the most without compromising on quality.

Medicinal cannabis is now more accessible than ever before for a variety of health conditions through Blue Mountain Global.

We can help and support you on your medicinal cannabis journey to better health outcomes.

About Us

Blue Mountain Global is an Australian-owned and operated pharmaceutical company, based on the beautiful East Coast.

 As a small, agile, team we’re passionate about offering high-quality, affordable products to Australian patients. 

 Our mission is to help patients, with chronic health conditions, to improve their health and well-being so they can thrive in life.

We’re here to help.

Helping you access medicinal cannabis

Opening the door to cannabinoid-based medicines.

Medicinal cannabis is now more accessible and more affordable than ever before for a variety of health conditions.

You can become a federally registered patient with your prescription from a GP or specialist. 

Australian grown under the Australian sun

Blue Mountain Global dried flower products are grown here in Australia.

Using natural sunlight, and supplemental lighting during the winter months, to produce happy and healthy medicinal cannabis plants.

Our products are hand-selected cultivar, processed in limited small batches.

Every effort is made to bring our patients affordable medicine, without compromising our principles and quality metrics.

Our Blog

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The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates the purity and quality of medicinal cannabis products prescribed by medical professionals. And a scientifically formulated dose provides greater efficacy, consistency, and safety, resulting in a better outcome for patients.

Patients should always talk to a health professional for advice before making any decisions about treatment options.